Events & Displays

Gaite’s Market
This display takes place in Bevagna every year, during the month of June, and represents the life of a village during the Middle Ages. The people of four districts (“Gaite”) compete with one another, carrying out craft activities, taverns, markets of those days.

The “Infiorata”
This display takes place every year in May (day of Corpus Domini), along the main streets of Spello, where there are laid out many carpets made with fresh flowers and showing religious subjects, created by the inventiveness of the artists or by reproducing existing paintings.

The “Two world’s Festival”
Every year, from the end of June to the middle of July, in Spoleto.
It is not only an Italian Festival but an International one, with a wide resonance. Artists and people from all around the world come and play, with a program of dance, cinema, theatre, exhibitions and concerts.

Every year in Perugia, in the month of October, the “Chocolate” is the hero of an event at which all national and international sweet industries take part. During this period, Perugia is becoming the goal of every tourist who loves the God’s Food…..the Chocolate!

The “Ceri” Race
In the month of May, in Gubbio, every year you can attend a remote pagan tradition: in glory of Saint Ubaldo, patron of the town, takes place a competition among people, carrying on their shoulders three heavy, big wooden statues representing Saint Ubaldo, Saint Giorgio and Saint Antonio. They have to run from downtown up to the top of Ingino mountain where is located the Church of Saint Ubaldo.

In Assisi, during the first fortnight of May, there is displayed -every year- a beautiful recalling of medieval views with ladies and cavaliers singing love songs and walking along the streets of the town that are decorated with flowers, flags and burning torches during the nights.

A short walk from Assisi

A short walk from Assisi and Mount Subasio, the center of Umbria, the green heart of Italy, is Antico Borgo Carceri Countryhouse in Umbria!